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Program Title: Benchmark Assessments and Data-Driven Instruction for Personalized Learning

The overarching goals of the Benchmark Assessments and Data-Driven Instruction for Personalized Learning program are as follows:

  • Creation of a new Benchmark Assessment and Data-Driven Instruction program utilizing learning technology to enhance teaching and learning for all students;

  • The provision of personalized learning experiences for students based upon the outcomes of the benchmarks and data analysis in order to increase student achievement; and

  • The provision of professional development for all instructional and support staff for effective implementation and continued success of the program.

South Lewis Central School is a rural, high need school district located in Lewis County in Northern New York. Our District truly embraces the motto “It Takes a Village” in working with our students and families and strives to create opportunities that positively impact student achievement and growth.

While all students will benefit from our proposed programming, we have a larger than average population of students identified as Students with Disabilities (26%) and/or economically disadvantaged (64%), which creates additional barriers to academic and/or personal success. These two groups of our most at-risk and vulnerable students be our target populations accounting for approximately 640 students. Programming will also provide equity of access to individualized support and resources for all students, accounting for our total student population of approximately 925 students.

South Lewis Central School is implementing a newly created Benchmark Assessment and Data-Driven Instruction program across the span of all grade levels in order to provide individualized student support and resources. Technology will be an integral part of this newly developed comprehensive assessment program providing efficiencies of assessment administration and student results data production. Professional development for approximately 130 educators and support staff members will also be a vital component of this program to ensure effective implementation and continued success of the program into the future. The program will be based on a three-phase implementation model, spanning the entirety of the grant award period, 2021 through 2024.

Program Contact:  

Deborah J. Domagala, ddomagala@southlewis.org

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