Counseling Services

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is provided to students experiencing personal, social and academic difficulties. A student can be referred to the Elementary School Counselor by a parent, a teacher or the principal. School counseling is appropriate when a student is having difficulty within the school day. If the student requires longer and more in-depth assistance, or is not affected during his/her school day, the counselor works with the student and parents to refer to outside services.

Classroom Guidance

Each month, I will go into the classroom to interact with students in a large group setting. Each grade level will get 1-2 developmentally appropriate lessons each month that attends to personal/social, academic, and career/college related topics. I will work collaboratively with teachers to integrate Character Education, goal setting, planning for the future, anti-bullying, social skills, self-esteem building, and other important initiatives into the classroom setting. You can explore the "Classroom Guidance" link to learn more about the lesson schedule.

Group Counseling

Group counseling is typically offered to students who might benefit from a positive social experience. Prevention groups usually last 8-10 weeks depending on the student need. Some students are able to participate in group during the entire school year, depending on need. Students are generally referred to group by a parent, teacher, or principal. If a student required more in-depth assistance, the counselor will work with parents and the student to obtain appropriate help. Social Skills, Self-Esteem, Anger Management, and Self-Control tend to be common group themes in all grade levels.

Lunch Bunch

One group that the counselor routinely maintains, is lunch bunch groups with 4th grade elementary students. These small groups may meet once every 4-6 weeks, so that all 4th grade students may have an opportunity to participate. Lunch bunch offers students a chance to discuss future goals and dreams, and to shape a better developed plan for reaching those goals. The lunch bunch groups are also designed to foster a meaningful relationship between the students and counselor. Positive adult interactions at school and at home are paramount to inspiring future success for our students. Plus, we have a ton of fun!!

** These groups are offered at the 4th grade level.

Small Group Mediation

The counselor is available to act as a mediator between students who are having difficulties getting along. The counselor acts as an impartial person that allows each side to discuss his/her concerns in an open and respectful environment. Students are then encouraged to draft an agreement to collectively develop a resolution to the problem.