South Lewis Elementary students to develop an interest in planning for the future is an important part of the role of the Elementary Guidance Counselor. Whether college, technical training, or directly entering the workforce is a part of future aspirations, all students need to begin thinking about how they will reach their career goals.

As you learn and grow, you will change your mind many times about what you want to become as an adult. While you are young and have tons of time to decide, consider exploring as many career options as you can!

Career Websites to Explore

  1. Virginia Career VIEW
    This is a great website, like Paws, in that it involves interactive activities that help students to learn more about a variety of careers. This exploration tool includes some fun games for the students to try. Please check it out and have some fun!
    LINK: http://www.vaview.vt.edu/k5/play-it/career-town/main.cfm
  2. Kids.gov
    This site offers elementary students a chance to explore a variety of jobs through videos, slideshows, and some light reading. This site is great for learning about jobs you might not normally think about when considering your future career plans. I highly recommend visiting it!
    LINK: http://www.kids.gov/k_5/k_5_careers.shtml
  3. CareerZone
    This is another website that offers an opportunity to explore many different occupations. If you create a log-in, you can keep a profile that allows you to find jobs that are closely related to your skills, abilities, and interests. You can have hours of fun and learning on this site!
    LINK: https://www.careerzone.ny.gov/views/careerzone/index.jsf
  4. The Fun Works
    This is a website that allows you to explore different types of careers in music, technology, medicine, law, art/design, sports, and even careers related to exploration. There are also links that help you find careers that are based on math and science talents. There is a link on the site that will involve you in some fun games to help you decide which careers you might be interested in. Go wild on this site- there are so many great careers to explore!
    LINK: http://thefunworks.edc.org/SPT--homeflash.php
  5. Career Onestop
    This awesome website has career videos for professions in all 16 career clusters. This is a GREAT way to learn about new and exciting career paths.
    Link: https://www.careeronestop.org/Videos/CareerVideos/career-videos.aspx
  6. GPS for Success
    This website is a new database from New York State that offers career information in the 16 career clusters. This is an excellent career exploration resources that used videos and text to help users learn more about many career opportunities that are available in each cluster. |
    Link: http://mygpsforsuccess.com/

Career Family Tree
This is a fun activity that can be done as a family to help think about how family career choices might influence your future career choices. This is a great activity to stimulate discussion at the dinner table about planning for the future and dreaming big!

Career Interest Survey
This is the link to the Career Interest Inventory that is used in the 4th grade to help students to begin thinking about how talents, abilities, and interests should factor into future career choices. This activity is lengthy (takes two lessons to complete), but it does offer students a unique opportunity to think about careers they have not previously considered. Once you learn which career clusters might be best for you, you can go visit Paws in Jobland to see which careers might be best suited for you.