South Lewis’s student-based organization SAVE (Students Against a Vanishing Environment) was recently awarded a grant through Rome Teachers Federal Credit Union! 

SAVE is designed to promote environmental awareness and resource conservation. Students assist in recycling both paper and plastic, regardless if recyclables are redeemable for cash. Since 2001, SAVE has saved an estimated 200 tons of paper and plastic from being needlessly discarded into our local landfills. SAVE students recycle in both the High School and Middle School and are assisted by the Recycling Club in the Elementary School.

With this grant SAVE purchased, 28-quart, blue recycling containers (for cans/bottles or paper) for staff and faculty who would like one in their office or classroom.  SAVE students will add the emptying of these containers to their ongoing recycling collection.

Congratulations to SAVE, and their mentor Mr. Shannon, on being awarded this grant, and for their continued dedication to such a great cause!