South Lewis Central School District’s robotics team, the RoboFalcons, did great at the First Tech Challenge Qualifying Tournament at Penfield High School on December 17th

During the morning qualification matches, they went 4-1 earning them a ranking of 4 out of 18 teams heading into the playoff matches. This ranking earned them the ability to be alliance team captains, and they invited Victor Tech Titans Blue to join their alliance for the playoff matches. 

 During the semifinals against the first seed alliance, the RoboFalcons lost the first match 62-47, but then won the second two matches 89-51 and 81-72. 

They then moved on to the finals where they won the first match 63-57, then lost the second two matches 94-73 and 126-78. 

 The kids did a wonderful job and finished with a final rank of 2nd place! Science teacher and robotics advisor, Mrs. Vaerewyck, is excited to see what their next competition brings on January 14th in Albany!